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da € 89.90


Quantum helmet RV Revolution without parazigomi:

PATENTED high-TECH-capable of satisfying the highest demands in terms of safety, performance and comfort.
We used our 30 years of experience and technical know-how to combine cutting-edge materials with innovative design and create a secure product with a great fit and excellent functionality.

PERFECT FIT thanks to a patented invention from QUANTUM, the measurement can be set easily in seconds and fits in various shapes and sizes of the head (from 52 to 62 cm in circumference), from big to small. This means that the helmet is suitable for an adult to a child.
This helmet can be used by multiple people at the same time, or be bought by a child or a teenager growing up, always maintaining a tight fit to the size of the head.

MAXIMUM SHOCK ABSOPTION-the QUANTUM RV is made of a material that is highly elastic and very flexible and is notable for its absorption properties. When you close the Velcro bands, the material stretches so that the inner surface of the helmet adheres exactly to the shape of the head. Thus there are gaps which would result in a negative impact on the properties of absorption. This provides the best protection.

NO SLIP-thanks to finely roughened interior surface and slip the headband that slips from the right position is a thing of the past.

NO SWEAT-the QUANTUM extra drainage channel above contains a RV to the forehead that channels perspiration on the sides of the head and prevents this drip onto the face. In this way the field of view is almost devoid of sweat and you can concentrate on combat to 100%.

NO HEAT-ventilation openings, ideally located throughout the helmet allow air circulation keeps your head cool. The design of the structure does not obstruct neither vista nor hearing.

Made IN AUSTRIA-all materials used have been tested under strict guidelines the REACH and are harmless to people and the environment. There have also been declared skin-friendly and hypoallergenic.

EASY to CLEAN-the QUANTUM RV can be cleaned easily simply by holding it under running water or by wiping with a damp cloth. Just rinse and is like new-odorless and hygienic.

Sold complete with box, Microfiber bag and three Velcro straps parts.

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